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Building the perfect brand is a lot like baking the perfect cake, but there’s only one unit of measurement that matters most: profit. Sure, Knock-Off Brand packages might suffice for sweet bread, but they’ll never match the greatness of a homemade recipe. With years of experience and a team of skilled digital marketers, iNet has crafted the perfect recipe for branding success. Creative Genius Marketing™

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Logo Development (Flour)

When you work with iNET to design a custom logo for your business, you're adding a unique element for structure and stability across your brand. Your logo is representative of your business and your mission, all wrapped up in a digestible form for easy brand awareness that stands out amongst the rest.

Radio Marketing (Sugar)

Not only will radio marketing sweeten your profits, it's also a key element to generating awareness of your business across an untapped platform. Reach more of your audience with curated, optimized radio ads developed right here at our creative genius studio.

Branding (Milk)

Unique branding can elevate your business from general product or service to household name. It provides the consistency that generates loyal customers and keeps 'em coming back from more. Working with iNET ensures your branding is tailored to your mission and long-term business goals.

Print Media (Butter)

Placing your brand on products at the forefront of your sales adds volume to your business -- and doesn't hurt your profits either. Working with iNET ensures you access to creative geniuses ready to replicate your message across any form of print media, for any use.

Website Design (Eggs)

A custom-built website places your business's best foot forward on evolving digital platforms. It's your new best salesman, the only business card that matters, and a way to capture leads without doing all the heavy lifting. With iNET, you're paired with some of the best graphic designers in Milwaukee to craft a digital presence that's entirely your own.

Photography (Icing)

We're not just photographers, we're storytellers. The moments we capture speak to complex layers of your business, story, and offerings to give customers a tantalizing glimpse of your brand. Elevate your narrative with genuine, honest business imagery for digital or print use.

Videography (Salt)

With video production quality as good as ours, you can place your narrative -- business, product, service, or more -- in a compelling form that resonates with audiences and converts them into leads. Work in tandem with our videographers to point out the necessary details, or let our creative geniuses take over to give your business video or animation that's entirely unique to your voice and business goals.

Search Engine Optimization (Baking Powder)

Compete in the digital arena with aggressive SEO that places your business at the top of search results locally, nationally, and around the world. A minor marketing ingredient that most competitors mistake for as unnecessary will give you the most return on your investment in the evolving digital era.

Apparel (Sprinkles)

Whether you're interested in event boosting or uniformity, iNET can give your brand that polished finish with custom uniforms, jerseys, t-shirts, and a variety of other personalized clothing items. Work with graphic designers and marketing coordinators to leverage custom apparel for more profit.

What are you waiting for?! (Candles)

Invest in your business and DOMINATE your industry. Get crackin'

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