Royal Figures
Royal swag and eye-catching gym drip

Infinity Roofing
Distinguished apparel for everyday businesses

Milwaukee Milkmen
Legen-dairy merch and uniform designs

Orange Shoe Personal Fitness
Inspiring fitness apparel for inspiring gyms

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Apparel branding & printing company in Milwaukee

Next time you sign up your company for bar leagues or rec softball, consider enticing turnout with some saucy t-shirts. Nothing screams teamwork like 15+ grown adults dressing in unison, right? Or, maybe you’re in need of company apparel to wear in and out of the office: go ahead, give your employees another reason to sing your praises.

Whatever your needs are, iNET can meet and beat ‘em with custom designs tailored to the clothing of your choice:






Athletic Gear

Team Wear

…and so much more! Just kidding, that probably covers it; but, if you had something else in mind then give us a call. We’ve got a reclaimed Baker’s Square full of creative minds ready to tackle any problem.


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