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Mold & Mildew Factory (60 sec)

At a Fraction of the Cost (15 sec)

Water Intrusion - Solved (30 sec)

M to the U to the D to the T to the E to the C to the H (60 sec)

Trip or Treat (30 sec)

Do it for the Children (15 sec)

Mudjacking Advertising on Wisconsin Radio Stations

Headquartered in Dousman, WI is a mudjacking company by the name of MUDTeCH. With cleverly produced radio ads that feature the owners yelling out, “M to the U to the D to the T to the E to the C to the H…MUDTECH!” the business developed a forceful hold on the Milwaukee market for a range of mudjacking services. MUDTech immediately became a pioneer for mudjacking advertising on Wisconsin radio stations.

Marketing Company for Asphalt and Concrete Repair

Wait, what is mudjacking exactly? In short, mudjacking is concrete leveling performed for homes and businesses. In the case of MUDTeCH, their team does ashpalt and concrete repair in major cities Milwaukee, Madison, and everywhere in between. The moment iNET was hired by MUDTeCH to be their sole marketing company, the more ROI this amounted to for their business.

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