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Dirt Dynasty

Two Ladies Admiring Produce (60 sec)

She Says They're 100% Natural (60 sec)

Exactly What God Intended (30 sec)

Inspire Envy (15 sec)

Admire the Size of Your Melons (15 sec)

Advertising Agencies for Fertilizer Brands

The creative genius radio scribes at iNET Marketing certainly know how to deliver profit-generating brands. In the case of client Dirt Dynasty, “Dirt so good you'll soil your plants!” is another masterwork. Most advertising agencies for fertilizer brands sit in posh high-rise offices cashing multi-million dollar checks from corporate chemical conglomerates. Meanwhile iNET represents the little guy, who produces the best all-natural fertilizer in the United States. Dirt Dynasty’s presence is so sprawling their customers think they too are a giant fertilizer company with hundreds of employees.

Meet Your Next Horticulture Industry Marketing Agent

Sure, the Dirt Dynasty radio ads are edgy as all get out, yet the effectiveness of the product remains front and center. The horticulture industry has tons of companies that don’t end up making it for lack of a marketing agent. iNET works with businesses like yours to expand naturally and increase your marketing buy along with your influx of cash flow. Remember that our ad agency only profits when you do.

With iNET as your marketing agent, businesses CAN grow faster than the best plants. Get a radio advertising quote now to hear your voice on the airwaves next.

We boast a full service marketing and advertising agency dedicated to promoting your business across all channels. Unlike other Milwaukee advertising agencies, iNET provides a variety of print and multimedia marketing platforms and strategies customized to suit the unique needs of your business. Extensive market research enables our advertising strategists to establish definitive marketing methodology for reaching your target market. We work with you to develop creative genius inspired marketing solutions based around your products or services, company goals and customer service values.

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