Run Milwaukee Poster Design Custom Soccer Jersey Design Game Schedule Design Orange Shoe Brochure Custom Handout Graphic Design Baseball Team Uniform Designs Full Marathon Bib Korked Tent Korked Baseball Hat Footy Air T-Shirt Banner Designs Rock Snow Park Poster Custom Map Design Milwaukee Milwaukee Stationary Design Milwaukee Marathon Runners Shirt PSA Product Brochure Design Sheet Design Stationery Design Milwaukee Haunted House Poster Design Korked Fishing Shirt Orange Shoe Car Wrap iNET Business Card Price Sheet Design Business Calendar Design Mailer Graphic Design Milwaukee Menu Design Brochure Design Orange Shoe Stationary Set Ad Design Korked Green Monster Shirt Stationery Design Mascot Design Apparel and Uniforms Design Korked Bleacher Bum Shirt Korked Pickle Shirt Personalized Social Media Vehicle Wrap Design Milwaukee Wave Get Outrageous Event Poster Stationery Design Vehicle Wrap Design Sign Design Custom Milwaukee Poster Design PowerPoint Design Business Korked Picasso Shirt Design Orange Shoe Hoodie Poster Design Stationery Design Flyer Design Custom Promotional Poster Design Banner Stand Design Apparel Design Direct Mail Design Korked Apparel Women Milwaukee Shirt Design Milwaukee Custom Graphic Design Trading Card Design Mascot Design Social Media Design Brochure Design Outdoor Sign Design Custom Shirt Design Milwaukee Stationery Designs Milwaukee Card Design Coupon Design Grieve Law Firm T-Shirt Design Construction Flyer Design Business Folder Design Activity Book Design Apparel Design Card Design Poster Design TriFold Graphic Design Ad Design Milwaukee Social Media Design Flyer Design Milwaukee Hat Design Brochure Design Custom Social Media Design Business Flyer Design Flyer Design Custom Poster Design Milwaukee Voucher Design Direct Mail Design Vehicle Wrap Design Custom Postcard Design Custom Baseball Poster Design Vehicle Wrap Design Social Media Customization Outdoor Sign Design Milwaukee Sign Design Milwaukee Brochure Design Flyer Design Local Banner Stand Design Milwaukee Apparel Design Baseball Flyer Design Postcard Mailer Design Stationery Design Custom Ticket Design Milwaukee Flyer Design Tri-Fold Design Milwaukee Social Media Design Milwaukee Brochure Design Milwaukee Brochure Design Waukesha Sports Schedule Design Trail Map Design Personalized Brochure Design Custom Social Media Marketing Stationery Design Brochure Design Custom Business Shirt Design Custom Sports Bracket Design Voucher Custom Design Social Media Design Tri-Fold Custom Design Korked Space Invaders Shirt Bonness Skincare Black Friday Card Bonness Skincare Brochure Giersch Group T-Shirt Design Grieve Law Firm T-Shirt Design Orange Shoe Workout Leggings with trainer shoe design Orange Shoe Stocking Cap Activity Book Design

Milwaukee Marathon Outdoor Marketing

Run Milwaukee Poster

Posters are an incredibly easy way to advertise, if they're done right. iNET knows how to take full advantage of space, like including a map of Milwaukee on this running festival poster and the local area code to show runners exactly where they'll be racing.
Run Milwaukee Poster Design

Milwaukee Wave Uniform Design

Jerseys are an integral building a fan base as the product on the field. A connection to the colors on a players back creates a special connection between the team and it's fan. iNET created something both the Wave and the people of Milwaukee could rally behind. 

Custom Soccer Jersey Design
Custom Soccer Jersey DesignCustom Soccer Kit DesignPersonalized Soccer Jersey DesignCustom Keeper Jersey Decision

Kokomo Jackrabbits Game Schedule

It does not matter if you are sports team or a movie theater.  If you do not sell tickets, you won't be in business for very long. iNET designed the Kokomo Jackrabbits ticket sell sheets to illustrate all the ticket packages and special deals.  

Game Schedule Design
Game Schedule Design

Orange Shoe Brochure

Orange Shoe Brochure
Orange Shoe BrochureOrange Shoe Personal Fitness Training Informational BrochureOrange Shoe Personal Fitness Training Brochure

Bonness Digital Ads

Dirt Dynasty Handout

A handout should be a quick way to show everyone why your business is better. iNET uses creative slogans and quality designs to give your marketing materials universal appeal.
Custom Handout Graphic Design
Custom Handout Graphic DesignMilwaukee Handout Design

Lafayette Aviators Uniform Design

A baseball uniform is a way for fans to identify their favorite players. It’s also a way to push your brand awareness. Crowd-pleasing retro meets modern functionality with these iNET uniform designs.
Baseball Team Uniform Designs
Baseball Team Uniform DesignsCustom Hat DesignCustom Milwaukee Hat Design

Milwaukee Marathon Medal

Joe Maddon Poster

Milwaukee Marathon Bibs

Full Marathon Bib
Full Marathon BibHalf Marathon Bib10K Bib5k Bib

Korked Tent

When your team is on the road, bring a custom tent designed by iNET to advertise wherever you go.
Korked Tent

Korked Hats

What better way to advertise baseball apparel than with custom baseball hats designed by iNET? Wear them to a pro game or weekend league to advertise everywhere you go.
Korked Baseball Hat
Korked Baseball HatKorked Baseball Hat Design #2Korked Baseball Hat Design #3Korked Baseball Hat Design #4

Giersch Stationary

Footy Apparel

Footy Air T-Shirt
Footy Air T-ShirtFooty I Believe T-ShirtFooty Milwaukee T-ShirtFooty Long Sleeve Hoodie

Rock Snow Park Chik-fil-A

When your business has vendors, advertising can get complicated. Make it easy with iNET! We create custom designs to promote you and your vendors at the same time.
Banner Designs
Banner DesignsChick-Fil-A Cow Banner Design

Rock Snow Park Posters

Advertising local family fun has never been easier than with iNET! On one poster we show extreme sports alongside kid-friendly activities to show there's something for everyone.
Rock Snow Park Poster
Rock Snow Park PosterRock Snow Park Poster #2

The Rock League Baseball Map

iNET produced custom print marketing material for The Rock Baseball complex and created scale-model baseball map to help players and families navigate. 

Custom Map Design Milwaukee
Custom Map Design MilwaukeeCustom Map Design Wisconsin

MKE Entertainment Stationary

What started as a business card has spawned into a complete line of stationary and envelopes for our client. It gives off a lasting impression and separates our clients from everyone else. After the first time you receive custom stationary, you will not forget it. 

Milwaukee Stationary Design
Milwaukee Stationary DesignDesign Business Letterhead MilwaukeeCustom envelope Design MilwaukeeCustom Business Card Design Milwaukee

Milwaukee Marathon Apparel

Milwaukee Marathon Runners Shirt
Milwaukee Marathon Runners ShirtMilwaukee Marathon Black Logo ShirtMilwaukee Marathon Colored Logo ShirtMilwaukee Marathon Front Runner Shirt

PSA Labs Product Brochure

A product brochure from iNET shows off your products without being boring. This brochure was designed to include high quality images alongside traditional schematics. It’s informative, it’s high quality, it’s effective iNET advertising.
PSA Product Brochure Design
PSA Product Brochure DesignPSA Product Brochure Cover DesignPSA Product Brochure Interior DesignPSA Product Brochure Back Cover Design

Kokomo Jackrabbits Ticket Sell Sheets

B2B and B2C sell sheets are just the tip of the advertising iceberg at iNET. Our ticket sell sheets designs include informative calendars, fun imagery, and clear pricing. These designs are then used to make matching flyers and handouts.
Sheet Design
Sheet Design Custom Baseball FlyerSports Graphic DesignCustom Baseball Flyer Design

Marathon Finisher Shirt

Reis Automotive Business Card

Fearing the mechanic is typically one of the biggest customer worries. Our client wanted a design to dispel these misconceptions and ensure a friendly, welcoming customer service experience.


Stationery Design Milwaukee

Milwaukee Marathon Print Assets

The Hill Has Eyes Poster

iNET inspired terror with these movie-style posters for The Hill Has Eyes haunted attractions.
Haunted House Poster Design
Haunted House Poster DesignHaunted House Movie Poster

Korked One Offs

Korked shirts designed by iNET include plenty of baseball jokes all players and fans can enjoy.
Korked Fishing Shirt
Korked Fishing ShirtKorked Goggles ShirtKorked Bunt ShirtKorked Jump Swing Shirt

Orange Shoe Car Wrap

Orange Shoe Car Wrap

iNET Business Card

No one wants to be handed a boring business card. iNET designed bright and colorful business cards which show off our services and design skills.
iNET Business Card
iNET Business CardiNET Business Card 2

The Hill Has Eyes Ticket Sell Sheets

Make scary monsters, blood and screaming attractive.  Challenging, yes. Impossible? Never for iNET's group of experienced designers. If we can convince people to attend a haunted house with our creativity, just imagine what can we do for your business. 

Price Sheet Design

Milwaukee Wave Calendar

A calendar is a great way to introduce customers and clients to your company. Include pictures of your employees, business locations, or products. This calendar designed by iNET shows Wave players around Milwaukee hotspots and landmarks, giving fans something to look forward to each month.
Business Calendar Design
Business Calendar Design

Boost Hydration Direct Mailer

Direct mailers and business cards have to be memorable and offer clear incentives to customers. iNET included coupon deals on these mailers to grab the attention of potential customers.
Mailer Graphic Design
Mailer Graphic Design Milwaukee Business Card Design

DiMaggio's at The Rock Menu

Can a menu be more than just a list of food? At iNET, the answer is yes! Menus are an easy way to increase your brand image. This design includes plenty of baseball imagery to reflect DiMaggio’s location at The Rock.
Milwaukee Menu Design
Milwaukee Menu DesignCustom Menu Design MilwaukeeMenu Design Wisconsin


When you advertise your business, you need something eye-catching to stand out from the crowd. iNET is an expert at making exciting B2B marketing materials like pamphlets and brochures.
Brochure Design
Brochure DesignWebsite DesignBusiness Brochure Design

Other Run Shirts

Orange Shoe Stationary

Orange Shoe Stationary Set
Orange Shoe Stationary SetOrange Shoe Stationary SetOrange Shoe Personal Fitness Training Sationary Set

Boost Hydration Magazine Ad

Ad Design
Ad Design

Korked Illustrated

Who says baseball shirts have to be boring? These iNET designs for Korked are full of bright colors and creative illustrations.
Korked Green Monster Shirt
Korked Green Monster ShirtKorked Eye on the Ball ShirtKorked Cage Bomb Shirt

Granite Plus Business Card

Stationery Design

Korked Apparel Four

AMCSI Job Handout

Kokomo Jackrabbits Mascot Design

Mascot Design
Mascot Design

Prospect Academy Uniforms & Apparel

Any event, camp or business needs to consider what kind of image you want your employees to give off. It made perfect sense Prospect Academy wanted all of their coaches and their members to have an apparel line designed and a continuation of their brand. iNET created a jersey and apparel line for teams to travel and play against other teams in the Midwest. 

Apparel and Uniforms Design
Apparel and Uniforms DesignApparel and Uniforms DesignCustom Baseball Gear DesignCustom Baseball Uniform Design

Korked Bears

These fun graphic tees are great for fans of baseball and bears.
Korked Bleacher Bum Shirt
Korked Bleacher Bum ShirtKorked Baseball Yoga Bear ShirtKorked Grizzly Shirt

Korked Food

Graphic tees are a fun way to spread your brand awareness. These shirts designed by iNET can be worn to a baseball game or a day at school, spreading the Korked name.
Korked Pickle Shirt
Korked Pickle ShirtKorked Ketchup ShirtKorked Wiener Shirt

The Hill Has Eyes Facebook Page Design

Personalized Social Media

The Rock Complex Vehicle Wrap

Advertise everywhere you go with custom vehicle wraps and decals designed by iNET. These eye-catching displays spread your brand for you!
Vehicle Wrap Design
Vehicle Wrap Design

Milwaukee Wave Event Posters

Milwaukee Wave Get Outrageous Event Poster
Milwaukee Wave Get Outrageous Event PosterMilwaukee Wave Event PostersEvent Poster Designs for Milwaukee WaveEvent Posters for Milwaukee Wave

Rion Waterproofing Business Card

It's one thing to hand someone a business card. It's a completely different story when a business card leaves a lasting impression and makes someone a take a second look. This where conversation turns from words to profit. 

Stationery Design

Lifetime Radon Solutions Vehicle Wrap

Vehicle Wrap Design
Vehicle Wrap Design

Rock Bike Park Lodge Signs

Sign Design
Sign Design

The Rock League Baseball Poster

Custom Milwaukee Poster Design

Direct Drive Logistics PowerPoint

PowerPoint Design Business
PowerPoint Design Business

Korked Fine Art

Bring fine art to the dugout when you wear iNET's fine art inspired t-shirt designs from Korked.
Korked Picasso Shirt Design
Korked Picasso Shirt DesignKorked Warhol Shirt DesignKorked Fine Art Shirt

Orange Shoe Apparel - T-Shirts & Hoodie

Orange Shoe Hoodie
Orange Shoe Hoodie Orange Shoe T-Shirts

Jamestown Jammers Home Game Theme Posters

Poster Design
Poster Design

AAMBÈ Business Card

Stationery Design

Edenwood Ranch Flyer

Flyer Design

Milwaukee Marathon TShirts

Umbrella at The Rock Adult Prom Flyer

Adult Prom plus Miami Vice.  That is what iNET calls a match made in heaven. We created custom flyers to ensure our client's event was promoted and attracts a sold-out crowd.  We are focused on making our clients money with everything we do and it never stops.    

Custom Promotional Poster Design

Uluro Banner Stand

Banner Stand Design
Banner Stand DesignCustom Banner Design

Lifetime Radon Solutions Apparel

A custom line of apparel for your business builds a bridge between your company and your customers. We worked with Lifetime Radon to create Breaking Bad-esque sweatshirts and short sleeved shirts as a continuation of their brand. 

Apparel Design
Apparel Design

Elder Care Cottages Direct Mailer

Direct Mail Design
Direct Mail DesignMilwaukee Graphic DesignMailer Graphic Design

Korked Apparel One

Korked Apparel Women
Korked Apparel WomenKorked Apparel DesignKorked ApparelKorked ApparelKorked ApparelKorked Apparel Custom Baseball Shirt

Korked Apparel Two

Milwaukee Shirt Design
Milwaukee Shirt Design

Korked Apparel Three

DiMaggio's at The Rock Scorecard

Milwaukee Custom Graphic Design
Milwaukee Custom Graphic DesignRestaurant Menu Design

Milwaukee Wave Player Cards

Trading Card Design
Trading Card Design

Jamestown Jammers Mascot Design

Mascot Design
Mascot Design

Jamestown Jammers Facebook Page Design

Social Media Design

Discreetly Dignified Tri-Fold Brochure

Brochure Design
Brochure DesignTri-Fold Design

Ferch's Malt Shoppe & Grille Directional Signs

Outdoor Sign Design
Outdoor Sign Design

Milwaukee Domes Shirt Design

Custom Shirt Design Milwaukee
Custom Shirt Design Milwaukee

The Rock Complex Stationery

Stationery Designs
Stationery DesignsCustom Stationery Design

Milwaukee Wave Card

Milwaukee Card Design
Milwaukee Card DesignGraphic Card Design

Wisconsin Antique & Advertising Club Show Coupon

Coupon Design

Grieve Law T-Shirt

Grieve Law Firm T-Shirt Design
Grieve Law Firm T-Shirt DesignGireve Law T-Shirt Design

Arbor Earth and Stone Handout

Construction Flyer Design
Construction Flyer DesignCustom Milwaukee Flyer DesignColor Handout Design

Clear MRI Folder

Business Folder Design

Rock Bike Park Activity Book

Activity Book Design
Activity Book DesignCustom Milwaukee Book Design

Rock Bike Park Staff Apparel

Apparel Design
Apparel Design Milwaukee Custom Shirt DesignCustom Shirt Design Milwaukee

Rock Bike Park Membership Cards

Card Design
Card DesignCustom Membership CardsMembership Card DesignCustom Milwaukee Membership Design

Rock Bike Park Employee Appreciation Poster

Poster Design

MKE Memorial Day Flyer

TriFold Graphic Design
TriFold Graphic DesignMilwaukee Custom Brochure Design

Rock Bike Park End of Season Ad

Ad Design
Ad DesignMilwaukee Ad DesignCustom Milwaukee Ad Design

The Pub Club Facebook Page Design

Downtown Milwaukee does not lack restaurants, bars and clubs. The Pub Club aims to be all three in a uber competitive area. iNET designed a Facebook page to attract a vibrant crowd and sustain a profitable business. 

Milwaukee Social Media Design

The Hill Has Eyes Ticket Sell Sheets

Flyer Design Milwaukee

Lifetime Radon Solutions Business Card

Lifetime Radon asked iNET to design a specific brand that would be noticed and remembered in the community.  We are a local company and understand how customers choose one service over the other. Our main concern is making our clients money through whatever we design. 

Jamestown Jammers Uniforms & Apparel

Hat Design
Hat DesignApparel DesignCustom Hat DesignCustom Hat DesignCustom Athletic Design

Medical Systems Informational Brochure

Brochure Design
Brochure DesignMilwaukee Brochure DesignWaukesha Graphic Design

McDonald Law Office Facebook

It does not take a genius to know social media drives engagement and those who are successful can enter untapped markets.  iNET designed a Facebook page and social media strategy for the McDonald Law firm to expand their client base and become more know throughout Milwaukee. 

Custom Social Media Design

Kokomo Jackrabbits Uniforms and Apparel

The Hill Has Eyes Flyer

Business Flyer Design

Jamestown Jammers Reading Program

Flyer Design
Flyer Design

Lee Engineering Flour Mill Manual

Milwaukee Wave Game Posters

Custom Poster Design Milwaukee
Custom Poster Design Milwaukee

MKE Entertainment Voucher

Voucher Design
Voucher Design

Prolite Window & Door Direct Mailer

Direct Mail Design
Direct Mail Design

Prolite Window & Door Truck Wrap

Vehicle Wrap Design
Vehicle Wrap Design

The Hill Has Eyes Postcard

Custom Postcard Design

Kokomo Jackrabbits Home Game Theme Posters

Custom Baseball Poster Design
Custom Baseball Poster Design

Wall to Wall Home Inspections Vehicle Wrap

Some of our clients have company vehicles driving to various locations or homes to perform their services respectively. At iNET, we don't let our clients miss a moment to capitalize on attracting new customers so we offer full-color vehicle wraps.  

Vehicle Wrap Design
Vehicle Wrap DesignCustom Vehicle Wrap Design

Warshafsky Law Facebook

Even a poorly designed Facebook page or social media account can generate some engagement. A professionally design Facebook page by iNET will allow you to reach social media users you never thought you could could interact with. 

Social Media Customization

Milwaukee Domes Plein Air Signage

When your business needs incredible custom signs for an event or promotion, iNET can create exactly what you need like we did for the famous Milwaukee Domes. 

Outdoor Sign Design Milwaukee

Rock Bike Park Trail Signs

Kung Fu Cow? Safe to say we have experience with anything and everything. We dare you to try and challenge us. These signs were installed all along the Rock Bike Trails. The need to be bright, attention grabbing and visible while bikers ride past. 

Sign Design
Sign DesignSkate Park Sign DesignBike Park Sign DesignOutdoor Sign Design

Milwaukee Wave Camp Tri-Fold Brochure

iNET is ideal for designing tri-fold brochures at professional quality a with the complete focus to attract customers to your business. We created this brochure for the Milwaukee Wave as an ongoing part of their marketing campaign. 

Milwaukee Brochure Design
Milwaukee Brochure DesignCustom Milwaukee Brochure Design

Rock Bike Park Bikefest Flyer

You plan an event. No one shows up. Luckily for iNET clients, they never have this nightmare. Our designers created this piece of print marketing for the Rock Bike Park to encourage people to sign up for their Bikefest.  

Flyer Design Local

Wisconsin Antique & Advertising Club Banner Stand

Trade shows? Conferences? Recruiting customers or potential employees? A retractable banner stand is professional looking, yet easy to set up. iNET designs large banners of any size matching your company's brand and message. 

Banner Stand Design
Banner Stand DesignMilwaukee Banner Stand Design

Seared Raw Tshirts

A walking, talking billboard with your business name and logo. While not a revolutionary concept, iNET creates fresh on brand logos and shirt designs for our clients. 

Milwaukee Apparel Design
Milwaukee Apparel DesignCustom Apparel DesignPersonalized Apparel Design

The Rock League Baseball Flyer

You have a business. You know customers are near you. How do you connect the two? iNET will work with you to find you a cost-effective strategy to make you the most money. 

Baseball Flyer Design
Baseball Flyer DesignBaseball Poster Design

Rock Complex Mailer

For certain clients, direct mail is an effective way to ensure their print marketing will find itself in the hands of a potential customer. iNET has expert designers with the skill to turn your mailers into profitable leads. 

Postcard Mailer Design

MKE Sports & Entertainment Business Card

A classic. The ol' firm handshake and a business card is the 4 second impression a business can give an individual. You want the little card to completely represent you company's personality and values. Let iNET handle the rest. 

Stationery Design

Milwaukee Wave Ticket Design

At iNET we urge our clients to consider all options when considering a print marketing plan. Down to the smallest part of your business, we want to expand your brand. 

Custom Ticket Design
Custom Ticket DesignSports Ticket Design

Rock Bike Park Dirt Farm Flyer

The interests of parents and their children could not be more different. iNET works to simultaneously target both customer bases in a successful strategy for BMX and mountain bike training at Dirt Farm with this colorfully designed flyer.  

Milwaukee Flyer Design
Milwaukee Flyer Design

MKE Entertainment Tri-Fold Brochure

When you range from haunted attractions to professional sports teams, it can be easy to lose control of your brand. Thanks to iNET, MKE Sports and Entertainment uses marketing materials like this brochure to broadly appeal to a wide customer base. 

Tri-Fold Design Milwaukee
Tri-Fold Design MilwaukeeBrochure Design Milwaukee

Rob Deer Baseball Camp Facebook Page Design

Rob Deer Baseball Camps compete against countless other summer camps to train with young baseball players. iNET created a strategic social media plan and Facebook page design to make Rob Deer's camp one of the most popular in Milwaukee. 

Social Media Design Milwaukee

Rock Bike Park Tri-Fold Brochure

Lots of information. Never enough space. iNET faces this challenge with the majority of print marketing materials especially with our tri-fold brochures. We accept this challenge every single time by consistently making our clients more profitable. 

Brochure Design Milwaukee
Brochure Design MilwaukeeMilwaukee Personalized Brochure Design

Rion Waterproofing Tri-Fold Brochure

Each customer interaction is critical. At iNET, any time a potential customer sees our client's logo we focus on turning it into a profitable lead and make the most money for our clients. This Rion Waterproofing tri-fold shows why our client is the leader in their industry. 

Brochure Design Waukesha
Brochure Design Waukesha Custom Brochure Design

Milwaukee Wave Pocket Schedule

Small, yet successful example of our design versatility while still including all the information our client required.  From the Milwaukee Wave's jerseys to the pocket schedules handed out at ticket windows, iNET handled all of our client's needs. 

Sports Schedule Design
Sports Schedule Design

Rock Bike Park Trail Map

The Rock Bike Park wanted a design to give their riders a clear overview of their trails, but also a lively design to promote the excitement of the various tracks. 

Trail Map Design
Trail Map DesignCustom Map Design Milwaukee

The Rock League Baseball Tri-Fold Brochure

 A semi-annual event needs to be marketed correctly to maximize the potential of a company's event.  iNEt created a tri-fold brochure for The Rock Baseball league to promote fall baseball camp. 

Personalized Brochure Design
Personalized Brochure Design Personalized Brochure Design Milwaukee

The Rock Snowsports Facebook Design

A seasonal business has to capitalize on all avenues of profit to continue it's operation. iNET designed The Rock Snowsports Facebook and successfully attracted more customers from social media.   

Custom Social Media Marketing

The Wool Bed Company Business Card

Simple, comfortable with a hint of style. Just as The Wool Bed Company describes their bedroom products, iNET successfully created a business card to match.  

Stationery Design

Wisconsin Antique & Advertising Club Tri-Fold Brochure

Our tri-fold design accomplished exactly what Wisconsin Antique & Advertising Club wanted in their custom designed brochure: clarity, promotion of services with a classic look. 

Brochure Design
Brochure DesignDesign and Custom Brochures Milwaukee

Wisconsin Antique Advertising Club Apparel

iNET believes a shirt is a walking billboard and the right custom shirt by our designers promotes your company incredibly well.  Our design for Wisconsin Antique Advertising Club mirrors their company's brand to attract new customers. 

Custom Business Shirt Design

The Rock League Baseball Tournament Bracket

One of the more unique pieces of marketing material iNET has produced is a tournament bracket schedule for all fans to fill out complete with times and places of games. 

Custom Sports Bracket Design
Custom Sports Bracket DesignPersonalized Sports Bracket Design

Milwaukee Wave Voucher

iNET designed ticket vouchers for the Milwaukee Wave with the same brand in mind to promote consistency from jersey to the tickets. 

Voucher Custom Design
Voucher Custom DesignCustom Voucher Design

Prospect Academy Facebook Page Design

Social media design and branding by iNET reinforces Prospect Training Academy's dedication to it's clients and the improvement of their baseball skills. 

Social Media Design

Rob Deer Baseball Camp Tri-Fold Brochure

iNET's custom marketing brochures connects Rob Deer Baseball to it's audience and informs without sacrificing slick, eye-catching design. 

Tri-Fold Custom Design
Tri-Fold Custom DesignTri-Fold Design Milwaukee

Consensio Health Retractable Banners

Consensio Health Brochure Handouts

Korked 8-bit

iNET created retro arcade-style shirts so Korked fans can enjoy a blast to the past.
Korked Space Invaders Shirt
Korked Space Invaders ShirtKorked Centipede ShirtKorked Pac-Man Shirt

Dr. Bonness Blog Book

Bonness Skincare Black Friday Promotions Card

Bonness Skincare Black Friday Card

Dr. Bonness Loyalty Card

Bonness Skincare Brochure

Bonness Skincare Brochure

Milwaukee Marathon Print Pieces

Dr. Bonness Print Ads

Milwaukee Marathon Signage

Lifetime Radon Brochure

Giersch Group Apparel

Giersch Group T-Shirt Design
Giersch Group T-Shirt DesignGiersch Group T-Shirt Design Giersch Group Bookeeping T-Shirt DesignGiersch Group Bookeeping T-Shirt Design

Grieve Law T-Shirt Design

Grieve Law Firm T-Shirt Design
Grieve Law Firm T-Shirt DesignGrieve Law Firm T-Shirt Design - ItalicGrieve Law You're Only Guilty If You're Convicted T-ShirtGrieve Law T-Shirt Design

Orange Shoe Apparel - Workout Leggings

Orange Shoe Workout Leggings with trainer shoe design
Orange Shoe Workout Leggings with trainer shoe designOrange Shoe Workout Cappri's Orange Show Workout Leggings

Orange Shoe Apparel - Stocking Caps

Orange Shoe Stocking Cap
Orange Shoe Stocking CapOrange Shoe Beanie with trainer shoe designOrange Shoe Stocking Hat with trainer shoe design

Rock Bike Park Activity Book

We pride ourselves with creative recommendations to our clients to accomplish their marketing goals such as the The Rock Bike Park. This activity book are designed by our talented artists and perfect for the audience our client was targeting. 

Activity Book Design
Activity Book Design

Improving the economy one business at a time®

Milwaukee Print Media

Combining print and digital marketing maximizes exposure and brand awareness. After all, you want YOUR brand to be everywhere, right? iNET’s team of graphic designers can design anything for your brand, including:





ID badges


Business cards


Team apparel

Car wraps

Themed calendars



Team schedules

Contact the leading Print Marketers in Milwaukee today for more information!

We boast a full service marketing and advertising agency dedicated to promoting your business across all channels. Unlike other Milwaukee advertising agencies, iNET provides a variety of print and multimedia marketing platforms and strategies customized to suit the unique needs of your business. Extensive market research enables our advertising strategists to establish definitive marketing methodology for reaching your target market. We work with you to develop creative genius inspired marketing solutions based around your products or services, company goals and customer service values.

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