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Sports Radio is a huge, sprawling industry. Whether it’s football season, baseball season, or that brief gap in between, there’s always a massive audience of sports fans who just can’t get enough. They tune in every day to the Big 920 to hear national affiliates like Dan Patrick and Rich Eisen, as well as legendary local host Mike Heller.

We’re sure you’ve thought it before while listening – what if I advertised my business on this station? But what should my ad be? What if I fail?

At iNET, we specialize in this exact scenario. You’re entering uncharted waters and aren’t entirely sure whether or not to stick both feet in. Wasting an entire month’s budget and then bowing out with your tail between your legs sounds terrifying. How do you go about taking this risk? Simple, don’t risk anything! When you call iNET, you’re securing several advantages:

1) We don’t work for the radio station. Our marketing team only does what is in YOUR best interest as far as making YOU as much ROI as possible. Radio is a profitable investment, never an expense.

2) We create your brand, script your ads, and produce them with you right in our professional studio.

3) We buy 7 figures of radio ad-play a year from Clear Channel, meaning we get access to unsold inventory. Your ads will play far more when placed through us.

Still not convinced? Contact iNET right away and we’ll discuss your future. Even if you’re just curious, our time is yours.

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We boast a full service marketing and advertising agency dedicated to promoting your business across all channels. Unlike other Milwaukee advertising agencies, iNET provides a variety of print and multimedia marketing platforms and strategies customized to suit the unique needs of your business. Extensive market research enables our advertising strategists to establish definitive marketing methodology for reaching your target market. We work with you to develop creative genius inspired marketing solutions based around your products or services, company goals and customer service values.